WHERE? (5W Marketing Action Task Template)

Now that you have a sense of WHO you want to interact with for your first marketing action task, WHY you want to do so, and WHAT exactly you’re going to do, we’ll move on to the fourth W in the 5W template—WHERE.

The WHERE details for a task should indicate specifics about where an action will happen. This will help you plan your time. It will also give you a sense of whether or not your actions are balanced (if you’re looking to do both virtual (online, on the phone) and in-person activities).

So for each task in your Marketing Action Plan, list the WHERE details that apply for that particular task.

Examples include things like:

  • Online
  • In person
  • By phone

You’ll also want to list specific locations as applicable, like a physical address, a group name, or a website address.

So that’s the WHERE. Any questions or thoughts on this, please comment on this post. WHERE are you going to do your first marketing action task?

One more W to go!

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