WHAT? (5W Marketing Action Task Template)

The third W in the 5W template is WHAT. This one gets into the nitty gritty of exactly WHAT you’re going to be doing on a consistent basis to market your services.

The tasks that you’ll complete are what are known as tactics. Those tactics support your WHY reasons (your strategies to help you meet your S.M.A.R.T. goal(s)).

I’m going to give you a long list of examples, and I’ll split them into sections based on the 3 WHY reasons I talked about in the WHY post. This list of possible action tasks is not an all-inclusive list, but it’s possible that it’ll be all you need. When you’re putting together your marketing action plan you can choose tasks from this list and/or create your own.

Some tasks may fit into more than one WHAT category, but to keep things simple they’ll only be listed in one category below. If you find that it works for your WHY but it’s not listed there, no problem, use it!

Make New Connections

  • Go to in-person networking events
  • Post comments on other people’s blogs
  • Volunteer for a local organization
  • Make cold calls
  • Add social media connections

Build Relationships with Existing Connections

  • Get together in person over a beverage or a meal
  • Meet up at an event
  • Send items of interest
  • Call to catch up

Show & Share Your Expertise (Writing or Speaking)

  • Write posts for your blog
  • Write guest blog posts for someone else’s blog
  • Post social media updates
  • Write articles for publications
  • Speak to a group
  • Host a webinar
  • Post videos (live or recorded)
  • Create video blog (vlog) posts
  • Write a newsletter
  • Host a podcast
  • Be a guest on someone else’s podcast

And there it is, the third W. Now that you have a WHO and a WHY picked out, do you have a WHAT you’d like to try for your first marketing action task? Let’s hear it!

Any questions or other thoughts on this, please comment on this post.

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