Feedback About My Services

I feel like I understand what’s needed to help coaches, consultants, bloggers, and other small business owners with their websites, and people I’ve worked with seem to agree.

Please check out what some of them have said about their experience working with me, and then contact me to let me know how I can support you with your website project, so you can have a site focused on helping your business succeed! I look forward to hearing from you.

Bonnie recently helped me convert my ancient, creaking monkey of a website to WordPress, optimized its speed and offered suggestions for customer interface and payment processors. I could not have managed this without her; my website looks so much better and is easier for me to maintain. 
I was incredibly impressed with how thorough and attentive to detail Bonnie is. She manages client communications on a platform that groups messages by tasks, which filters out a lot of the noise of emailing back and forth. I found it simple to locate relevant discussions and circle back to tasks that needed my input. 

One of the best things about working with Bonnie is how clear she is in her communication. She explains things in plain terms to make things understandable for those of us who don’t speak tech! Even though it will be a while before WordPress is a second language, I feel quite comfortable with it already thanks to Bonnie’s clear explanation and instruction. 

I recommend Bonnie’s services without reservation! She’s not only a consummate professional who’s great at what she does, she’s also a pleasure to work with.
Stephanie Krause
Teaching Artist, Creativity Flowing
What a treasure!!! Bonnie is the perfect combination of gentle nature and expertise. Going into the audit process, I had no idea how much I would learn and be able to correct on my own. Her process goes far beyond pointing out problems, but explaining why it’s an issue and how to correct it now and moving forward. The techie verbiage can sometimes be daunting, but Bonnie has done a fabulous job articulating it into words that can be understood. She knows her stuff and is clearly passionate about helping others know this area of their businesses better.
Melanie Campbell
Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Sweet Home Sleep Solutions
This lady knows her stuff. The results blew me away – because she showed how each little error on my website contributed to the inability of not being Google-index ready and thereby not being found. If you do not have a technical bone in your body, Bonnie has the patience and the know-how to get your site healthy. Trust her.
Charlene Norman
Chief Innovator, Bullet Proof Consulting
Bonnie tackles each project with professionalism and enthusiasm. Your satisfaction in her services provided, and a positive end result are obvious from start to finish. She is detail oriented and super organized. Bonnie helps walk you through the steps necessary to achieve your goals, and is an excellent communicator. She is a valued consultant, and I am glad to have her to call on for my web based needs. Bonnie rocks!

Paula Fox
Certified Appraiser, Paula A. Fox & Co., LLC
Bonnie has a natural talent for seeing through the fog and creating a solution that accomplishes what you most want and need to accomplish. Take advantage of her incredible eye for detail, organization, and consistency, as well as her instinct for what will work best.
Steve Bohler
The Oxford Program
Bonnie designed a great website for my business in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price. She is easy to work with, offers professional advice, and is prompt in replying to my emails and phone calls. What I like best, however, is how she remains patient with me despite me asking the same question multiple times (computers and I do not get along).
Dr Michael Wojton
Optometrist, Normandy Optical Company LLC
Bonnie was able to dive deeply into my website and identify issues which were affecting my access to clients and my search ranking. The audit saved me from guessing by pinpointing exactly what needed correcting and how.
Vanessa Turner
Artist & Creativity Coach
Getting the audit from Bonnie was an eye-opener into what was going on with my site. I absolutely loved it! The report was clear on what needed to be done and it was very clear that Bonnie knows her stuff. If you need technical help with your website, Bonnie’s your gal.
Cynthia Brace
Health Coach & Author
I am more organized and focused with what I do on a daily basis. I think I am gaining more traction by understanding WHY I am doing what I am doing. This has helped me immensely. I liked the way that you explained things and how open you were with your time. You help bring order to chaos, discipline where there is none. It’s a great help. Thank you Bonnie, it has been very beneficial to me.
Karen Cherrett
Life Coach, The Work with Karen
After my coaching session with Bonnie, I was truly relieved! I have such a better understanding of how online marketing can work for my business, what my options are and how to implement them without getting completely overwhelmed in the process—which is exactly what was happening. I was completely frozen!

Bonnie was able to get right to the crux of my issue and quickly focus on the marketing information that would help me better for where I was in my business.

I now have a marketing plan that I feel comfortable with and can change according to what works best for my personality and my business… AND she made it easy!
Katie Seitzer
Owner & Creative Director, Katie Seitzer Design
The marketing plan was a game-changer for me and was something that actually got me to take action – not just something that made me feel good about the idea of taking action. Plus, the one-on-one time, effort, and care that Bonnie provides is second-to-none. She helped me get clear on so many things that taking steps toward my marketing goals felt a lot easier. I think anyone who works with Bonnie will actually make progress toward their marketing goals not just because of the training she provides, but because of being able to work with her. That’s the real value.

Bonnie is AMAZING. She kept showing up with kindness, interest, and compassion.
Rachel Payetta
The Intuitive Writing Coach
I’ve finally started doing tangible actions which will impact the growth of my business.

Bonnie is professional, thorough, knows what she’s teaching and couldn’t be more helpful.
Karen Hughes
Advanced Coach, Creative Coaching Community
This work had a huge and profound impact on my life and my business. Cracking this whole visibility thing is something I have been struggling with for years!

The results have been remarkable. My goal was two new book design clients. I got four with only three weeks of implementation, with several more potential projects on the horizon. The biggest shift, however was that I finally overcame my fear of being visible. I’m not sure what you did … but it feels like a miracle.

You are deeply caring and easily share your wisdom.
Michelle Radomski
Creator of the Whole Colorful Thing! at One Voice Can Publishing Sanctuary