Goals, Strategies, & Tactics

Now that we’ve reviewed S.M.A.R.T. goals, let’s look at how goals, strategies, and tactics differ—and work together.

A goal indicates what you want to achieve, strategies show how you will achieve the goal, and tactics are the specific actions you take to execute a strategy.

Think of it visually like a tree structure (see the image on this post). Start with one goal, support that goal with strategies, and then support each of those strategies with tactics.

Let’s try an example goal and some supporting strategies and tactics:

Goal: Get 2 new clients for [your program name here] this month.

Strategy #1: Make New Connections
Tactics: Go to in-person meetings, be active in social media groups

Strategy #2: Build Relationships with Existing Connections
Tactics: Send emails, make phone calls

Strategy #3: Show & Share Your Expertise by Writing
Tactics: Write blogs posts, write a newsletter

Strategy #4: Show & Share Your Expertise by Speaking
Tactics: Speak at local association meetings, give a webinar

Do you see the difference between goals, strategies, and tactics? (Note: In an upcoming post I’m going to go into more detail about the effective marketing strategies I’ve listed here, so hang on!)

Any thoughts or questions? I’d love to see what you work up — try one goal, one strategy, and one tactic to start out.

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