Essential Tool: 30-Second Introduction

At many networking and other meetings, you often get 30 seconds to introduce yourself and your business. It’s something that’s often called a commercial or an elevator pitch (because a short elevator ride typically takes no more than 30 seconds).

When you’re first working this up and practicing it, 30 seconds may feel like an eternity—but it’s really pretty short, about 60-90 words depending on how fast you speak. The time frame should help you organize your thoughts and really stick to the key points.

As with most marketing, a 30-second introduction where you provide helpful information, tell a story, or paint a picture about the before and after your clients experience when they use your services will likely get you better results than just listing some services and the prices for those services.

For example, you could describe a challenge one of your clients faced, the solution that you offered, and the results they experienced. Or you could ask some questions about pain points to get them thinking “Yes, that’s me.” (And then hopefully when they hear the rest of your intro, where you offer your solution(s) for those pain points, you’ll have them thinking “Yes, I want that!”)

Here’s an example:

Hi, I’m Bonnie Boden from Blue Denim Digital. Do you get overwhelmed when it comes to marketing your services? When you look around online, does it feel like everyone is saying you should do something else, and you don’t know what to do or where to start? I can help. Get More Clients will give you simple steps to take to help you avoid marketing overwhelm so you can focus on connecting with more people, building relationships, and getting more business. Bonnie Boden, Blue Denim Digital.

(It’s always a good idea to repeat your name and company name at the end of one of these longer introductions, particularly when people you don’t know are present.)


Please post your 30-second introduction below and I’ll get you some feedback.

Feel free to ask questions about this topic if you have them.

As always, let me know if there are any parts you’re struggling with (either with what you’ve already written, or in figuring out what to write) and let’s see if we can help you to get rid of the struggle.

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