Effective Marketing Strategies

I mentioned some of the most effective strategies for service-based solopreneurs to reach their marketing goals in my post about goals, strategies, and tactics. I wanted to give you a little more detail on those effective strategies.

Make New Connections

With tactics that support this strategy, you’ll be connecting with people who aren’t already in your network. This includes both potential clients (sometimes called leads, prospects, or opportunities) and potential referral partners (people who come into contact with your ideal clients and who can be a source of introducing you to them).

You’ll also want to connect with peers and colleagues. Particularly as a solopreneur, it helps to have a community of people who know about what you do and what you’re going through. They can be helpful in brainstorming solutions to problems, possible sources of work, potential partners, or resources to take on your extra work when you’re busy. And while some of them may be your competition, I’m of the opinion that there’s usually enough business to go around.

Build Relationships with Existing Connections

You want to make sure you don’t just connect with a new person and leave it at that. In order to build a relationship, you’ll want to follow up with them on a regular basis—enough so they keep you in mind, but not so much that you become a bother.

Show & Share Your Expertise (by Writing or Speaking)

This is your chance to provide valuable information to your connections in ways that are most comfortable to you so that you keep doing it on a consistent basis.

And that last part is key—with ALL marketing strategies, you need to be consistent with your efforts. You should also be taking action on a frequent basis, since it takes many interactions with most people before they’re going to be ready to take the next step with you.

So that’s a little more on strategies to help you fill your marketing pipeline. Which strategies do you already use? Which would you like to try?

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