Basic Marketing Toolbox: Take Inventory

No matter what strategies you’re going to use to market your services (and we’ll talk more about strategies in upcoming posts), there are some tools that are likely going to be fundamental to supporting your marketing efforts, no matter what type of services you provide. Those tools will be a part of your Basic Marketing Toolbox.

So before you get started with other marketing efforts, take inventory of what you have and what you need to work on, and then work on the tools you need to work on one at a time.

What foundational tools are in your Basic Marketing Toolbox?

The Essential Eight

There are 8 tools that I think are essential to have in place before marketing a service-based business. Can you market a business without them? Sure. Would it make your life easier to have them first? Yes, definitely.

In upcoming posts, I’ll go through each of these foundational tools one at a time.

Any guesses what might be one of the Essential Eight? Or any thoughts on what’s in YOUR Basic Marketing Toolbox that you think might be unique based on your specific business? Please share in the comments below!

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