About You & About Me

If you’re like many coaches, consultants, bloggers, and other small business owners I’ve met, you have a vision for what you want to do and who you want to help with your business.

And if you’re reeeally like those business owners, you’re tired of the hassles you face with the website tasks that are involved with that vision!

Instead, you wish you could find someone you could rely on to help you make it all happen.

Someone who will…

…help you understand what needs to be done,

…show you how to do it or do it for you,

…help to keep things running smoothly and current once it’s set up.

Incredible news! Your wish has been granted.

Hi, I’m Bonnie Boden.

I’m a web specialist who helps coaches, consultants, bloggers, and other small business owners with their websites.

Many coaches, consultants, bloggers, and other small business owners get weighed down in all the things that can be done on a website. It can be overwhelming and feel like you’re drinking water from a fire hose.

After creating (and updating and troubleshooting) websites for over 26 years, I’ve found ways to help my clients cut through all the noise, figure out what’s really needed, get things moving forward—and keep them moving—one step at a time.

What gives me a bit more insight into their struggles?

I’ve been there, too. I know exactly how it feels to be ready to get something going (and keep it going!) but at the same time feel overwhelmed by everything that’s involved. Especially these days, when there’s definitely no shortage of options!

Being a web specialist also allows me to put my signature strengths to good use.

What are my signature strengths?

After much research and exploration (and introspection), I’ve come to see clearly that my signature strengths include:

  • Helping others,
  • A love of learning,
  • Curiosity, and
  • Critical thinking.

If there’s a question to be answered, I love trying to figure it out, often tackling some challenges and learning something new in the process.

What’s even better? Being able to help someone out with what I’ve discovered, putting what I’ve learned to use in a way that will help their business moving forward.

What all this means to you is that with some initial planning and communication on your part, along with my input and assistance, you’ll finally have the websites tasks taken care of so you can go from spinning your wheels to getting the traction you need when it comes to putting your energy where you want to place it in your business.

Amazing (and Much Appreciated) Words From My Clients

The Path to Now

It started in undergrad…

I first started getting more serious about my involvement with tech topics when I was in college and I took some programming classes. I loved the challenge, the order, and the logic that was involved. I would have done a double major if I’d discovered my interest earlier, but I graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in business administration (management track).

And then continued to grad school…

I couldn’t let go of my fascination with computers, though. I also had a strong interest in education, so when I discovered a graduate program that combined computers and education, I went for it. After I graduated with my master of science degree in instructional technology, I went to work as an interactive multimedia developer at an eLearning company.

Developed a bit more at work…

When I became more familiar with what was involved with my job, I started helping other developers by creating training documents that helped them understand how to do the work that needed to be done. As I was promoted into other positions, I was also given more responsibility for supporting our clients with their tech issues, which gave me insights into helping people whose main focus wasn’t always the tech.

But also grew in my free time…

At the same time, I became interested in creating websites (I’d been introduced to the World Wide Web for the first time while in grad school), and I taught myself how to do that in my free time. Once I’d put together a handful of sites (for myself and a few family members), I started a freelance business creating websites for small business owners. I enjoyed the challenge and the variety in that work, and over the coming years, I kept that freelance business active while also working full-time jobs.

It started to branch out a bit…

After leaving the eLearning company, I held various positions within the development office at a nonprofit, with responsibilities for a website, an online community, a print magazine, and special events. Through those positions, I gained more skills that became valuable in my freelance toolbox.

And then developed even further…

I started selling nature photographs I’d taken, too. I mostly sold them online, which helped me see how to set up ecommerce shops using the best images and words to connect with site visitors.

What happened next was big.

Once it came time for me to move on from the nonprofit, I decided that I wanted to make my freelance work my only work.

I wanted to be a small business owner.

Why? Well, for one reason, I liked the freedom. I still do.

The freedom of:

  • Choosing what projects I do and don’t want to work on.
  • Setting my own schedule, working (and not working) when I want.
  • Choosing the types of clients I want to help.
  • Adding (and removing) services that I feel like offering.

And all the while, researching, exploring, and learning about ways to help my clients do what they do better.

I especially like the variety in the work—it’s a good match for the signature strengths I mentioned above (helping others, love of learning, curiosity, and critical thinking).

My decision to become a small business owner was 15 years ago, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

That brings us to now.

And now I’m thrilled that I get to use my strengths on a regular basis.

That I use them in order to help other small business owners with their websites.

That in doing so, I provide them with freedom, too.

Freedom to focus on working with the clients they want to work with, providing the services they want to provide—ones that take advantage of their signature strengths.

Is it your turn?

Networking can be fun—especially when Sesame Place is a member of one of your local networking groups!

What’s Next

Your next step is a bit like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. (I used to love them.) Depending on what you’re ready to do, choose one of the options below.

A Sampling of My Certifications

Certified Agency Partner for Termageddon (Auto-Updating Privacy Policy Generator)
MailerLite (Email Marketing Service) Certified
Mailchimp (Email Marketing Service) Certified

To see more about my background…

Some Fun Facts About Me

When I’m not helping my clients with their websites or working on my business, I can often be found:

  • Learning how to co-exist with paranormal beings and exploring the ways of alternate societies [I love to read, and often enjoy urban fantasy and dystopian fiction novels],
  • Revisiting my youth while playing with hues, tints, tones, and shades [I relax by coloring with colored pencils],
  • Capturing tiny critters and natural life without touching them [I like to take close-up photos of insects and flowers and other elements of the outdoors—see: Jazzy Cricket],
  • Straining my brain to help strengthen it [I like working on (and eventually solving!) logic puzzles], and
  • Hunting for buried treasure [I like looking for (and once in a while finding) lost/forgotten items using a metal detector].
Treasure hunting in Spring Lake, NJ.